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Really great Massage. Very Relaxing, and exactly what I needed. MJ is very professional and experienced. Will definitely be returning!!


Another great Massage-

I had my second massage appointment with MJ this week and it was even better than the first (which was also great). She took the time to ask me about specific areas that were giving me discomfort and about things we have previously discussed to see how I was doing.  She focused on my problem areas and I left feeling wonderful. Several days later I am still pain free. I highly recommend MJ...!


Simply wonderful- MJ was great, she explained everything. The atmosphere was very calming. During the time of Covid she made sure our safety was a priority and the business was very clean. It was an amazing massage and I will be going back.   Angel P.

"MJ is wonderful-one of the best massages I've ever had! She skillfully worked out all of my shoulder and back tension. I am looking forward to booking another visit!"

Kelly K.                                          

Very Much Needed- After my first massage with MJ on an anniversary trip, I have kept her card and have been willing to drive up to an hour for a massage from her again! I have been struggling with anxiety and decided to give massage a try and I am so glad I did! Afterwards I have felt better then I have in weeks and have already rescheduled for myself and my husband. The massage felt just as medicinal as it was enjoyable. She knows her stuff:) She also offers cupping which is great for anxiety. Thanks.  D.J. 

Amazing Experience

I couldn't be happier with my first massage. Everything was professional, clean, and focused on my comfort. I can't wait to go back!  Kristi E.

So Amazing!!

MJ listened to everything I said about the issues I was having. She did an excellent job working out some very knotted areas I have. I would highly recommend her!! I will be returning soon!


Top Notch... Deserves more than 5 stars!

I was referred to MJ a few years ago by my chiropractor and cannot say enough good things about her. MJ is passionate about her craft and truly listens to the needs/issues of her clients. I could honestly go on and on about MJ but bottom line, she is one of the best in the business!!  K. Davis

"Another fabulous massage from MJ! She is phenomenal & so intuitive! She def goes the extra mile every time! She also has a Greensboro location! Wonderful Massage Therapist! Thanks MJ!!"

Elise W.                                           

MJ is wonderful! She makes sure the massage is personalized ad fitted for your needs! I definitely recommend her!  S.C.

I always look forward to my sessions with MJ. She is extremely attentive and truly "listens" to what your body is telling her. I always leave with a huge weight lifted. My body and spirit leave rejuvenated every time. K.S

MJ is amazing! Been coming here for a couple of months for my shoulder and neck and when I leave I feel 100% different. I have tried Chiro care and other treatment and other therapists but she truly cares about what she does and her clients. Goes above and beyond. Love her !!  Ashlyn

MJ is spectacular and amazing! She has helped my back issues so much! She is very intuitive and such a pleaser! Thanks MJ for always going over and beyond!  anonymous

MJ's massages are sooooo relaxing!  I always want to stay awake to enjoy every aspect of the massage, but I don't think I've ever been able to because I feel so relaxed and confident in MJ's massage therapy skills.  All my stress simply melts into her massage table.  If you are looking for a place to de-stress, this is THE place.  Simply explain to her beforehand where your problem areas are, then you can forget all your worldy cares for a while.  I recommend the 90-minute massage that includes warm towel treatments, soothing music and a beautiful room environment.  Enjoy!


I have had an amazing experience coming to MJ. She is so in tune with her massage. I feel such a difference, its like I'm a new person when I leave. Stress is gone!  JA

MJ does a great job, very quiet and very patient with the muscles! I have been coming to her for 6 months and I am always happy and feel great when I leave!  LK

"Very nice and sweet person. She knows what she's doing and makes the person feel relaxed. I recommend her."

Brandy C.

MJ is a wonderful Massage Therapist! She is always quite exceptional-always goes the extra mile! Has helped my back issues so much! She is hands down the BEST at what she does.  Elise

"I had my second session with MJ tonight, she is absolutely wonderful in her technique. Cant wait to book another session with her. I highly recommend her."

Billie M.                                               

"High Class!! "

Johan D.                                    

MJ- you give the best massages. I feel amazing after your magic touch! I wish I could get one everyday! S.R.

"MJ has done a regular massage on me before and now I just received a prenatal massage. Both were amazing and I can't wait until my next one!"

Lauren R.                                          

"MJ is just extraordinary! Had the coconut lime sugar foot scrub, add on today & it was amazing! Smells wonderful, feels wonderful! I have had a lot of massage therapists over the years & she is by far the best! I can actually move my neck after she works on me! She has helped my back problems so much! She is truly wonderful! " 

Mrs. W.

"I've been going to MJ for a couple years now and she ALWAYS gives me great relief of my aches and pains. I am most grateful for her bodywork. I'm a massage therapist myself and demand a lot from my body most days. MJ works out all those kinks in a 60 or 90-minute session. She's THAT good! MJ knows every muscle's origin and attachment. Her touch is slow, firm and deliberate because she is incredibly knowledgeable of the muscles and what they need. I promise you will be beyond pleased you chose MJ for your massage therapy needs."
Tammy D.
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